Monday, July 19, 2010

The Possible Choice

Dear David Granger,
I read Esquire every month and the first thing I do is flip to your letter. I am never really sure if I am interested in reading the rest of the magazine if I do not find the editors note at the very least provocative, if not insightful or interesting. The rhetorical rhythm of questioning your, and subsequently our, desire to be oil independent juxtaposed against our complete aversion to give up our powerful cars was beautiful, and kind of quaint.

I think I was like a lot of other guys, believing that I would love to be green in all respects of my consumption, but the car was the one thing I was unwilling to give up. It delivers a since of power, and independence that is as necessary as breathing to us guys. I thought it was impossible to replace until I went for a ride in a Tesla. I think the genius of Elon Musk is that the construction of a super car as the first of his line echos back to the old car race saying, "win on Sundy, sell on Monday." When the "engine" gunned, the sensation is like free falling forward, the wind masks all other sound, and people look at you with respect... The only thing it is missing is the roar or the Aston Martin V12 engine, which I am willing to give up for the torque and beauty alone, not to mention the fact that I'm not burning any oil.

That said, I think your "impossible choice" Just became possible.