Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Men's Fashion in Seattle

I saw Seattle Boutique Blogspot's Post "Men's Fashion Directory" from last year... I felt like a few places were sorely missing in the "directory of men's fashion in Seattle" So this one is for you, Sydney.

Oslo's - A Mens Store.
First I have to begin with Oslo's. John is drenched in press from every publication in Seattle, in addition to mentions in Forbes, and Details Magazine. The best part about this store is keeping up with Oslo (see great pic bellow) and the crew on Facebook. John is great about interaction, and every now and then he throws a killer party. (like scotch tastings). He is probably annoyed with me though because I hardly ever buy anything, I just like to stop in, say hi, see what is new and pet Oslo.

Asher Anson Ballard
Technically, Matt at Asher Anson has both Men's and Women's Clothes. However, he really has captured a unique niche that I think describes the "Ballard Condo Yuppie" quite well. (Don't worry guys, I'm not a hater). Also, congrats on getting Dino Rossi to walk the runway for you at Fashion Week.

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't hear about Road Apparel until I had a job interview with them in 2008 for a marketing manager position. I didn't get the job, but I got to meet the crew, and I think their lines are a northwest staple. They can be found in several malls around the country, though they are headquartered next to a barber shop at the bottom of Queen Anne Hill.

Even though he doesn't have a storefront here in Seattle, I cannot not mention Rian Men's. My Buddy and ex-next door neighbor has lines of accessories and bags for men and women that are carried at Mario's and Nordstrom (oh yeah, they are NW/ Seattle Natives too) apart from his NYC store front. Also, Brad and Angelina asked for some bags to sport a while back... I'm pretty sure he sent them priority mail. Also, his studio where the magic happens is right across the street from the P.I. Building, here in Seattle.

Blackbird Blog
I totally agree on BlackBird. Their style is sleek, modern and utilitarian, very Seattle.


I've yet to go into the deli, but per the post on Sydney's blog I have to. Also, anyone who makes a sick promo video like this one, is worth the time of day.

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